who & why

Sandy and Jim MartinGreen 3 was founded in 2006 by Sandy Martin. Sandy and her husband Jim operate green 3 in Oshkosh, WI. Collectively this team brought over 40 years of corporate apparel experience to their first entrepreneurial venture. Both had worked for billion dollar plus corporations with globally recognized brands, and had held titles starting with Assistant Buyer thru Executive VP. Sandy had traveled the world and sourced and developed product in factories around the globe. Jim had managed teams exceeding 200 employees in multiple cities, and was responsible for customers that included the largest retailers in the world. All of these experiences lead them to take a step back and assess what type of company they wanted to work for, so they started one.

The company they built is one founded on a philosophy of honesty, environmental awareness, love of family, and a sense of childlike wonder that no one should ever outgrow.

green 3 is located in the beautiful rural Midwest. After seeing the bright lights of big cities all over the world, the realization was easy to come by; that who you are and what you stand for is never defined by where you are or what you wear.

green 3 promises to always embody this spirit of individualism, and seeks to only compliment and reflect the inner style that all of us possess.