our brand

Green 3 was founded in 2006, and in a matter of few short years gained national specialty store distribution, as well as becoming a mainstay in the catalog retail sector. Our brand is known for being sustainable fiber, high quality, stylish, fairly priced, and 100% made in the USA. Our customers find that Green 3 provides them a point of differentiation with unique themes, artwork, details and value.

target consumer:

Our target consumer is a woman who is smart, passionate, family oriented, health conscious, and environmentally aware. She is not defined by a number, but rather a point of view. Whether she’s in college, or deciding what college her children should attend, she is bored by the sea of sameness she finds on the retail landscape, and wants something that is fun and unique, but still classic in style. Her purchases are determined by price, but only as it relates to value. Her decisions start with style and fit first, but are finalized by the ethics and standards of the brand she chooses. If this consumer sounds like your customer, than we are the brand for you.


Our products are produced only with sustainable fibers. We focus on organic cotton, recycled cotton, and reclaimed materials. We use water based inks and dyes, and do not use chlorinated bleaches or optical brighteners. Our fit is a women’s cut. It is form flattering as it is fitted through the shoulders and bust, but relaxed around the mid-section. It is not a junior cut. Our products are pre-laundered and do not shrink. Our re-engineered products come from first quality donor items, and are completely laundered prior to cutting and sewing.

USA made:

Our products are 100% USA made, from concept to production through distribution. We are passionate about creating jobs at home. Beyond the feel good nature of this, our domestic supply chain allows us to read and react, and provide you with very short lead times.

social responsibility:

We work closely with Aspiro to provide job and life skill training for cognitively disabled adults. Of all the things we have learned in building this business, this is the one element that has been the most eye opening and life changing.


Our artwork is developed from hand drawings and paintings. We do not buy studio art, or use clip art.